synthetik: xs versioN1

synthetik xs is a bi-monthly journal designed and published by mark beachum aka mNem0sys: the deviant mentat:
a visionary free form artist with a seemingly unlimited talent that has so far shown no indication of where the border might be.
194 pages featuring art, photography, comix, design and the delectable deliciousness of the deadly dangerdollz: the razorgurLz: pin up femme ikonix.

version 1
alienzkin chapters 1+2: cyberpunk erotic noir
backlash chapter 1 : the penthouse comix series
syphons chapters 1+2 : black and white superhero story
[syphons created and written by allen curtis art by mark beachum]
erotique noir : razorgurlz : femme-erotik-ikonix

Upcoming issues will feature works from other talented contributors so be sure to keep your eyes pointed @ the dance floor!

Softcover: 194 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 7 x 7 inches