femmerotisexyvision 1992 penthouse comix

femmerotisexyvision 1992 midnight silk 2

the first image
…circa 91-92.
Midnight silk 2.
Tundra was going to publish it..til they punked out. [as usual…generally speaking; american comicbook publishers are not people with much nerve or verve.]

Images 2 and 3: PENTHOUSE and PENTHOUSE COMIX ended up publishing some of it. Then the original art got lost [stolen] to the echoes of time.

The high point of the story is when I met the late GREAT Moebius / Jean Giraud at a convention in the early 90’s: he came over to my table, checked out what was there [images 1/2/3] and proffered that my stuff “should be in galleries and museums”.

Aaah sensei Moebius; much thanx for that. He of course could not have known that I had been digging his trip since I was kid having discovered his work in heavy metal before the magazine became mediocre.
That started me on the path to try to fullfill what he and his generation inspired: unrestricted creative expression. Obrigado sensei!

Print available here: http://femmenoir.polygazm.com/?p=1398

The second image is from NIGHTKLAW.
…riffing on the dark knight.

Originally to be an ongoing series written by me for Tony Salmons and I doing a decidedly darker, cryptic take on the batman ethos.

…was derailed and shangheied by hijinks and tomfoolery during the “change of leadership” at penthouse comix.

Someday a good reporter should investigate and tell the tale of what went on during the rise and fall of the ONLY “adult” comics publisher exclusively dedicated to being an alternative to the mainstream comics industry that keeps itself in the “pg” range of creative expression.

The last few images are from BACKLASH: a satirical look at a society driven by the over the top fascistic aspects of extremist feminist ideology. [hmmmn…”are we there yet?” …well, yes; it would seem so.] …unfortunately; it was poorly written, so I did what I could and had a bit of fun playing with erotic/cyberpunk/fetish/sci-fi themes.

…a reboot is in the works!

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