Special Feature: NEW VIEWS OF THE INTERSTELLAR MEDIUM — Michael Clarage

The SAFIRE PROJECT at the Electric Universe –

United Kingdom International Conference & Symposium 7th – 11th July 2018, Somerset, UK

Dr. Michael Clarage talks about his work with SAFIRE from a more philosophical perspective – what an empiricist might ponder outside the lab.

He offers some intriguing if not startling observations about the astronomical and the biological, the dead and the living universe. see: www.safireproject.com for project history and details

also see: www.electricuniverseuk.eu for additional talks by Wal Thornhill & Don Scott and others.

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Please note: we will NOT be posting all of the EU2018 UK talks, just three that relate to the SAFIRE Project, an experiment near and dear to our hearts.
See the link in the text box under the video to find out more about the rest of the talks.
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