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28 Aug 2019


PLASMA COSMOLOGY [Full Infomentary] From wikipedia: Plasma cosmology is a non-standard cosmology whose central postulate is that the dynamics of ionized gases and plasmas play important, if not dominant, roles in the physics of the universe beyond the Solar System. Plasma Cosmology contains interviews with top professors and government scientists, examining the problems with the prevailing dark matter paradigm. Dr. Peratt describes what the government learned and classified during secret nuclear tests underground. ~30 minutes in, the tables turn completely […]

17 Aug 2019

Marcia Jameson Artist

Marcia Jameson Artist “I’ve always been captivated by color. When I was four years old, my mother took me and my two sisters to Barbados to meet our grandmother. The sight of trees completely covered with blazing red blossoms and a turquoise ocean with multi-colored fish swimming around us filled me with unbelievable awe. Seventy-nine years later, seeing the same brilliant red flamboyant trees surrounding my home in St. Croix and the cerulean sea just takes my breath away,” says […]

07 Aug 2019

Nara Couto – Linda e preta

Nara Couto – Linda e preta Nara Couto is a Brazilian singer born and raised in the culturally rich historic city of Salvador, Bahia. Before thrilling packed houses in the city with her rich mezzo soprano voice, Nara was an accomplished dancer, working for years as one of the featured dancers with the famed Bale Folclorico of Bahia, where she specialized in contemporary African dance. There she gained valuable experience in rhythmic training and African music which complements her current […]