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23 Sep 2019

AMA – a short film by Julie Gautier

AMA – a short film by Julie Gautier JULIE: “Ama is a silent film. It tells a story everyone can interpret in their own way, based on their own experience. There is no imposition, only suggestions. I wanted to share my biggest pain in this life with this film. For this is not too crude, I covered it with grace. To make it not too heavy, I plunged it into the water. I dedicate this film to all the women […]

23 Sep 2019


KAIJI MORIYAMA KATANA Dancer Kaji Moriyama, early masterpiece “KATANA”. A short document produced with the video of the premiere at the re-performance in October 2016. For the first time in 10 years, Kaji Moriyama’s past and present challenge the limit of physical expression. Please have a look! [Tokyo Performance] 2016/10/7 (Friday) 19:30 8 (Sat) 14:00 9 (Sunday) 14:00 [Setagaya Public Theater (Sangenjaya) [Hiroshima Performance] 2016/10/15 (Sat) 18:00 JMS Aster Plaza Naka Hall Performance Special Site http://katana2016.wixsite.com/katana via google translate

02 Sep 2019


For three years the SAFIRE Project team has been holding back so as not to overstate what has been happening in the SAFIRE lab. The SAFIRE Project is now able to make a number of definitive statements supported by concrete evidence, statements about: energy production; transmutation/creation of elements; remediation of radioactive materials; and the sun and interstellar medium – “If the process used to create the SAFIRE sun turns out to be similar to the process that creates the real […]